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Terrazzo Workers & Tile Setters craft durable beautiful surfaces

Waterproof, float, level, beauty every time.
Terrazzo Setter skills include:
  • Install terrazzo floors, medallions, steps, etc.
  • Layout and install floating beds, divider strips, pattern designs etc.
  • Fill joints, cleans and polishes finished surfaces of showers, tubs, floors, stairs, building exteriors, ceilings, etc.
  • Mixing of mortars by both machine and hand tools.
  • Finishing and grinding/polishing surfaces.
  • Mixing epoxies, cementitious and other materials.
  • Apply decorative masonry finishes.
Tile Setter skills include:
  • Build showers, tubs, backsplashes, floors, stairs, building exteriors, ceilings mosaics and others.
  • Work with grinders, polishers, floats, levels, and power saws.
  • Removal of existing walls and floor coverings.
  • Prepare, waterproof, float, level and slope walls and floors.

Finishers are masters of detail.

Working with your hands, you’ll assist the Journey Level Tile Setters, Terrazzo Workers, and Masons in the performance of their duties.
Finisher skills include:
  • Proper use of tools and equipment.
  • Knowledge of materials and handling techniques to move, hoist, and store.
  • Performing rigging, installation, and removal of scaffolding or stages.
  • Sub-surface preparation work.
  • Mixing mortars, thin sets, bonding agents, etc.
  • Grinding, cleaning, washing, rubbing and polishing of Tile, Marble, and Terrazzo.
  • Saw cutting of Tile and Marble.
  • Grouting and sealing of like materials.
  • Covering and protecting finished work.

Turn your craft into a career

When you pursue a career in masonry you’ll improve your life while doing what you love.

Hands-on experience and practical knowledge while getting paid give you clear advantages and keep you ahead of the game.

What do we mean by self-made?

It starts with tapping into your unique skills and using them to create a happier and more fulfilling life. Some of the extra benefits include:

  • Debt Free Education – you will be paid to be certified. There is no tuition. The first year you will earn $40,000 and by the fourth year you will make $70,000, plus benefits, in a 32 hour work week.
  • Flexible Work – you get to work with different jobs, different locations, and with different materials. So it’s not boring.
  • There’s no waiting list – in other trades, when the project is completed, you go on a waiting list. With us, you can go to work.
  • People see what you do every day.
What they do

All masonry trades have three things in common.

  • Use of technology for layout, project management.
  • Use their hands to create amazing structures, pathways, and interior designs.
  • Work from scaffold, swing stages, boom lifts, and scissor lifts.