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Restoration Specialists/PCC protect the future and revitalize the past.

Learn current & past techniques of construction and how to restore and waterproof structures.
Restoration — Pointers, Cleaners, Caulkers skills include:
  • Working on repairing and restoring many historic projects, with some being over 100 years old.
  • Training to build and work off of various types of scaffolding, swing stages, boom lifts, and scissor lifts.
  • Using many tools and machinery to perform various types of work including complete and selective demolition, material handling and creating, rebuilding and retrofitting various structures using a variety of materials and methods.
  • Caulking and sealing of joints in buildings and other surfaces.
  • Applying coatings, waterproofing, flashings, epoxy injection in buildings and other surfaces.
  • Using the latest technology including laser to clean delicate valuable surfaces.
  • Power washing, sand-blasting, bead-blasting, and paint.
Repair and Restore – Amazing 100 years later.

Turn your craft into a career

When you pursue a career in masonry you’ll improve your life while doing what you love.

Hands-on experience and practical knowledge while getting paid give you clear advantages and keep you ahead of the game.

What do we mean by self-made?

It starts with tapping into your unique skills and using them to create a happier and more fulfilling life. Some of the extra benefits include:

  • Debt Free Education –you will be paid to be certified. There is no tuition. The first year you will earn $40,000 and by the fourth year, you will make $70,000, plus benefits, in a 32 hour work week.
  • Flexible Work –you get to work with different jobs, different locations, and with different materials. So it’s not boring.
  • There’s no waiting list – in other trades when the project is completed, you go on a waiting list. With us, you can go to work.
  • People see what you do every day. 
What they do

All masonry trades have three things in common.

  • Use of technology for layout, project management.
  • Use their hands to create amazing structures, pathways, and interior designs.
  • Work from scaffold, swing stages, boom lifts, and scissor lifts.